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Bruce Cullen

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Bruce Cullen Electronic Dance Music Event Denver Colorado.

Bruce Cullen Press Photo.

Bruce Cullen – Electronic Dance Music History.

Back in 2002 Bruce Cullen Visited Sensation White in Holland. Bruce was Blown Away by the Magnitude of this Event and Everything Moved Forward. His Meeting many Top Artists at this Same Event Placed him in the Midst of the Dutch Trance Scene. Afterwords Bruce Traveled Back to Holland at Least 10 Times. Later Bruce was Invited as a guest to Trance Energy, Sensation White and Sensation Black. Bruce Met a Majority of the Trance Scene Globally in only a Few Years. He was Bouncing from One Continent to The Next. Watching, Learning and Planning, Bruce found the Best way to Take Trance to the Next Level in the United States. Bruce Cullen is the founder of TranceElements.Com a Trance Music Company.

As the founder of TranceElements.Com Bruce Continues to put out a Monthly Trance Mix (The Concoctions). This Radio Show has been Airing for Almost Ten Years. A Show that has Gained Global Recognition and Respect around the EDM Industry. Because of his Love for the Electronic Dance Music Scene Bruce Decided to Throw his Own Event in Denver Colorado on June 26, 2010. Bruce Plans on Taking Everything a Step Even Further.

Currently Bruce Cullen is Really Busy on New Track Releases in the Studio. His Latest Release is Signed with Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings. Track Name ‘Bruce Cullen – Skyscraper’. Ferry Personally Supported this Track Massively in 2015. ‘Bruce Cullen – Skyscraper’ was the Top Three Pick of the Week on Ferry Corsten’s Radio Show – Corsten’s Countdown 396 [January 28, 2015]. Also Placing Skyscraper in the Esteemed FERRY CORSTEN’S FEBRUARY TOP TEN, 2015.

LoveParade Germany – Bruce Cullen Spins Live.

In 2010 Bruce Cullen was asked to perform in front over over 1.4 million at the LoveParade in Duisburg Germany in 2010. From his first viewing of the LoveParade, a Paul van Dyk video “For an Angel” in 2001, Bruce Cullen plays the same track and a remix of this track in front of the largest event in music on earth. “I could not believe I was asked to play on Float #7 at this prestigious event. I am still shocked and will always be. Imagine being in awe viewing such a video at the start of your career and then playing the same track at an event just 9 years later.”

iHeartRadio – Bruce Cullen Blasts The United States with a 33 Million Fanbase & Growing.

February 13, 2012. Bruce Cullen with TranceElements.Com Continues the Massive 33 Million Plus Fanbase iHeartRadio’s Trancid Show. A Weekly Trance Music Mix Featuring Trance DJ & Trance Producer Bruce Cullen. A Free Trance Music Download is Below.

Continuing to Give Nothing but the Best, Pushing Events to the NeXT Level, Productions, etc., This Guys Future Looks Promising. Global Inquiries for Bookings Begin, This is Definitely A DJ/Producer to Watch VERY Closely!

Info from Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Download The Latest Special Edition Concoction Radio Show by Bruce Cullen.

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